Easy Way to Make $100 In a Day Via Using Smart Tricks

Get $100 Par Day Via Using PPD Tricks ( Pay Par Download )

I just Want to Discuss this Technique For Beginners !
This method not my own, But i'll Research and Then After Discuss With You!

Here is The Phase by Phase Method

1. First Of All Go to http://answers.yahoo.com/ and create 2 Yahoo Answers Account and complete your information with genuine looking details and credible customer profile images.

2. Then After Go And Sign-up for a consideration at :-

Uploaded.to - up to 10 dollars for 1000
Sharebase.to - 2 dollars for 1000 downloads
Storage.to - up to 10USD for 1000 downloads
sharesystems.de - off-line at the moment
sharingmatrix.com - up to 15USD for 1000 downloads
freakshare.net - up to 20 dollars for 1000 downloads
uploading.com - up to 20 USD for 1000 downloads
uploadbox.com - up to 15 USD for 1000 downloads
depositfiles.com up to 10 USD for 1000 downloads
hotfile.com - up to 15 USD for 1000 downloads

3. Now go to http://www.imdb.com/movies-coming-soon/ and create a record of headings of films launching within 1 month.

4. Now take the 1st one from the record, sign in to your Yahoo Answers Account and Then After Ask Question Like This!

Ask Some Concerns Like

Where to Download [MOVIE TITLE]?
Where to Download [MOVIE TITLE] complete movie?
Download [MOVIE TITLE] Free
Free Download [MOVIE TITLE]
[MOVIE TITLE] Torrent Link

and so on...!

5. Just Powerful Search Engine [MOVIE TITLE] and get any unique outcome or you can enhance a Click Bank Film obtain (Download) Website too , I did it and got 8 to 10 Revenue in Week)

6. Hide that link Via Link shortened and Answer All Your questions with your 2nd Yahoo Answers Account. you'll be ban if you use http part of your weblink, so just use without http and use "\" instead of "/".
No problems, You will Still Get Big Amount of Strikes or Hits.

7. Login again to your 1st Yahoo Answers Account and Select your own solutions as best Answer and Quit Using Your 2 Yahoo Answers Account any More.

8. Do it Again and Again (Repeat) with all [TITLE]s With Fresh and New Yahoo Answers Account.

9. Wait Few Days and Observe cash Moving in Rollover In Your PPD Account !

That's it!

Wish You People Experienced My Easy method.
Some guys were asking for a screen shot, so here it is.
This Is Really Very Awesome Trick That You Easily Implement On Your Earning System ...!
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